Here are some of the images I've taken along the many routes of the National Cycle Network in Wales. If you would like to see more of what I have collected here... all you have to do is get on yer bike and ride!

GALLERY SPECIAL - Cycling for Parkinson's UK
55 for 55 - The People

Quite simply, I was stunned. The enthusiastic support I was given caught me completely off-guard. I had no idea that I would receive such encouragement. And in a word, it was fabulous! Your efforts - from kind words, cheering emails, joining me for a ride, and of course, your very generous donations - all made my efforts an amazing adventure.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Brian, Dean, C'est moi, Ivor, and John in Usk.

Christine inside the Green Flute in Usk.

Fay et moi outside the Green Flute.

(You know who) and Jo outside Fanny's Rest Stop Cafe in Newport.

Eric at Gypsies Tump

John and Ivor at Gypsies Tump

Jean, Kurt, Sian, et moi in Sirhowy Country Parc

Knucklehead #1, John, Graham, Phil, and Brian back at the Tump...

Margaret and me along the Newport Riverfront.

The lovely (& handsome) walking group I met up at Llandegfedd Reservoir.
(so sorry I didn't get all your names!)

Squinty, Barnaby, and Tim in Caerleon

Ya boy, Adrian, and Dean in Caerleon again.

Yo!, Margaret, and Jan at the Tump.

Phil, Chris, and his mates looking bit very much like cycling DEVO... 

Bill, Rose, and Sparky in Newport.

Phil, (knucklehead #1), and Dean at Tredegar House.

Me and Eric in Caerleon

Myself and crazy Graham along the M&B canal.

And with Gwyn in Waunfawr Parc, Crosskeys.

With Jean and Chris in Sirhowy Parc

Bill and myself at the WWI Memorial in Newport

Myself, Tony, and Margaret in Sirhowy Parc.

Tim and myself at Tredegar House reception.

With Fay at Tredegar House reception.

Kate, myself, and Tony again at Tredegar House...

and with Bethan from Parkinson's UK at Tredegar House.

You know who, Bethan, Fay, Margaret, Tony, Jan, Paul, Gareth, and Chris.

With Christine again outside the Green Flute

Leaving the Green Flute in Usk one last time...

Brian, myself, Ivor, Dai, and john

55 miles every day for 55 consecutive days
3,025 total miles; 01 March to 24 April, 2016.

Thank you everyone for all your wonderful support and encouragement.

Cheers! - cm