Here are some of the images I've taken along the many routes of the National Cycle Network in Wales. If you would like to see more of what I have collected here... all you have to do is get on yer bike and ride!

2018 - APRIL 
Chepstow to Caldicot

Processing the images from this ride has been nothing short of a nightmare. I used two different cameras which created two distinctly different set of photos. I've created this gallery to showcase the images from my primary camera... and a favourite route.


The village of Caerwent is easy to miss. It's not on the main road which makes it very quiet and without the traffic it feels rather sleepy as you ride through. However, it is well worth stopping to explore because this little gem was once a thriving Roman city. There are many well preserved ruins scattered throughout the village with detailed markers explaining it's history.

I've only touched upon a few of the relics here. But you can read more about this fascinating little village: Caerwent Roman Town.

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