Here are some of the images I've taken along the many routes of the National Cycle Network in Wales. If you would like to see more of what I have collected here... all you have to do is get on yer bike and ride!

Winding House Ride

Going to the Winding House in New Tredegar to see the thing in operation was really impressive. The weather was fantastic. It was wonderful to see everyone and we shared a lovely ride up through Rhymney Valley. Ya can't beat that!

But the Winding House is all about the machine... on a MASSIVE scale. And you really have to see the thing running to appreciate the magnitude behind this force of engineering. It is humbling to reflect upon how its basic operation was central to the extraction of men and coal.

It's quite unnerving to see something this massive spinning - in an enclosed space... and you are so near to it. Crazy!

And yet, we can walk away and relax... have a coffee or tea with cake. (So unlike what the miners had!) I wonder what they would think if they saw us today? Sitting back and contemplating their lives... their struggle and hardship... was it all for this? I feel quite fat and lazy and extraordinarily fortunate, yet I hope to show my appreciation and understanding. I truly admire the people that lived and worked here.

Today, I was not in a hole in the ground. I was not digging coal. I was out in the sunshine, with my friends, having a bit of vacation, riding my bike like a crazy loon. I didn't have to come home to wash coal dust off in a dirty metal tub in the kitchen and go to bed early only get up to do it all again.

I am clean and the day is bright and I can look back and remember this day... this day was unique and I am very, very fortunate. Yes, I am a lucky boy, indeed. Thank you everyone.

Winding House Ride Part 1

Winding House Ride Part 2

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